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George Bandarian ll

General Partner, Untapped Ventures
Speaker on various topics including the Emerging Tech, Future of Work and Startup Studios






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George Bandarian’s MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose) in life is

Self-Actualization: to help millions of people achieve breakthroughs and access their untapped potential. 

He is manifesting that MTP by launching Untapped Venturesa venture studio fund with an investment thesis on a mission to help people achieve their best selves personally and professionally by working with world-class founders and visionary corporate innovation partners.

Previously, George was President & CEO of AMI, a B2B/ Enterprise software and services company that eliminated paper and automated processes. He grew and sold AMI to a strategic buyer for a successful multimillion-dollar all-cash exit in 2018.

George lives in LA with his wife Mariam and their 3 boys - Geo 6, Greyson 5, and Gianny 2.

Check out the video below where George sat down with Peter Diamandis, one of the World’s Top 50 Influential People, to discuss wide-ranging topics including George’s WHY that led to creating Untapped, entrepreneurial best practices to go from idea to launch to success in today’s environment, and more!



Check out my past events I hosted with Untapped Ventures

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