George Bandarian II

Founder, General Partner & CEO, Untapped Ventures

Speaker on various topics including the Future of Work and Startup Studios

George Bandarian’s MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose) in life is Self-Actualization: to help millions of people achieve breakthroughs and access their untapped potential.   


He is manifesting that MTP by launching Untapped Ventures, a $10MM venture studio fund with an investment thesis of building and investing in companies reimagining the New Future of Work: one where people live their best lives through the work they do.


Untapped is a venture studio - a startup factory - where the goal is to build multiple venture-scale startups in parallel working with world-class founders and visionary corporate innovation partners. 


Untapped brings a unique value prop to corporates looking for better innovation results faster by co-building a venture-scale company.


Previously George was President & CEO of AMI, a B2B/Enterprise software and services company, that helped large companies eliminate paper and automate processes.  He grew and sold AMI to a strategic buyer for a successful multimillion dollar all-cash exit in 2018.  


George lives in LA with his wife Mariam and their 3 boys - Geo 5, Greyson 3, and Gianny 1.



I’m George, thanks for visiting my page and I hope we can meet soon! 

I’d love to learn more about you and what you’re working on. Until then, here’s some info about me...


After building my first business and growing it over 10X, I got to a point where I felt I had a greater calling in life, so I decided to sell it (for millions) and changed my life. I leveled up with training and certification and built a startup founder coaching and angel investing business.


I started investing and coaching early-stage venture-backed impact-driven tech startup founders helping them validate their business ideas, raise money, and scale their impact. 


So I’ve learned a few things about building and scaling venture-backed startups and their founders and I’ve been the "lean startup" - trying new things, validating my riskiest assumptions, running lots of experiments and learning a lot very quickly - about the market, about founders and their pain points, about myself and ultimately I've been learning how I can make the greatest impact on the world.


Keep reading to see where my thought process is at today...

Check out below video where George recently sat down with Peter Diamandis, one of the World’s Top 50 Influential People, to discuss wide-ranging topics including George’s WHY that led to creating Untapped, entrepreneurial best-practices to go from idea to launch to success in today’s environment, and more!


George coached me to focus on my
personal mission statement first, then worked with me on a weekly basis so I could march towards my
goals. I achieved the following results: Double digit growth in sales over a 12 month period, hired 3 new
sales reps, reorganized my customer success team, most importantly, resolved my issue at home. I would
highly recommend him for Life or Business Coaching to anyone willing to make changes and improve their


John M

CEO, Inc. 500/5000 Business

I recently met with George about the sales & marketing of my business. Going into my meeting with him, I had written some notes down of what I thought was important, and what I wanted to accomplish. In my 2 hour meeting with him, he not only helped me create a level of clarity around the outcomes I was perusing that I hadn’t been able to achieve on my own, but he also helped me uncover the driving force
behind it why it was so important to me, which gave me the motivation I was lacking.

Matt Taylor

Partner, Corporate Strategies

I’ve been part of a MasterMind group George led for 2 years and saw him on many occasions help the group members uncover the core issue that was in their blind spot.


I was always amazed and feel he has
a true gift for quickly identifying the main issues and helping people get to a solution.






Paul Schon



High-Demand Speaker
For Events & Podcasts

Strategy, Inspiration & Motivation


Book George to speak at your live events, webinars, and podcasts. George can share his experience and lessons learned building and selling AMI, as well as launching a new venture fund and startup studio during COVID.


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